databrickslabs / overwatch   0.6.0


Capture deep metrics on one or all assets within a Databricks workspace

Scala versions: 2.12


Calibrated Precision for your Databricks Unified Analytics Platform enabling governance and actionable intelligence.

Project Description

Unify Spark and Databricks Platform telemetry to enable customers to gain key insights to their Databricks deployment[s]

Project Support

Please note that all projects in the /databrickslabs github account are provided for your exploration only, and are not formally supported by Databricks with Service Level Agreements (SLAs). They are provided AS-IS and we do not make any guarantees of any kind. Please do not submit a support ticket relating to any issues arising from the use of these projects.

Any issues discovered through the use of this project should be filed as GitHub Issues on the Repo. They will be reviewed as time permits, but there are no formal SLAs for support.