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Parser for tunes written in ABC Notation

Scala versions: 2.11

ABC Parser, Processor and Objects

Build Status Parser and processor for tunes written in ABC Notation. Based on information from http://abcnotation.com/learn

This repository contains libraries for parsing, processing and serializing ABC Notation into ABC Objects. It also contains a processor for some basic processing to remove comments, line continuations and to extract note sequences. The original intent was to provide a way to extract notes from ABC tunes in order to find matching note sequences across tunes.

An example TuneMatcher program has been provided to demonstrate finding note sequences common to tunes. This can be built and run from an sbt against the ABC tune files included in the test resources using: sbt run src/test/resources/pgh_session_tunebook.abc src/test/resources/rvw2-1.abc src/test/resources/pgh_possible_tunebook.abc src/test/resources/pgh_annex_tunebook.abc

Tunes taken from Paul Hardy Tunebooks: http://www.pghardy.net/concertina/tunebooks/ and Full English Transcription Programme: http://folkopedia.efdss.org/wiki/Full_English_Transcription_Programme:_The_Vaughan_Williams_Archive_at_the_British_Library,_MS_RVW2/1