dacr / zio-worksheet


Simplified ZIO user experience in REPL, worksheet or script contexts

Scala versions: 3.x

ZIO worksheet

A small library to simplify ZIO developer experience in the context of REPL sessions, scripts or worksheets. It must only be used in this context, for example in real world projects you must use ZIOAppDefault or ZIOSpecDefault as your main starting point for your ZIO projects.

This library comes with various helpers in order to make your code examples the most simple possible for learning, demo, proof of concepts purposes. It brings a .unsafeRun function (originally written by @adamgfraser) to quickly start an effect synchronously and get its results :

//> using scala  "3.2.2"
//> using lib "fr.janalyse::zio-worksheet:"

import zio.*
import zio.worksheet.*

val app = Console.printLine("Hello world !")