dacr / lorem-ipsum-server-akkahttp   1.0.13


lorem-ipsum service with API

Scala versions: 2.13

Lorem ipsum web tests License

A lorem ipsum web application server based on akka http framework, and a dedicated lorem ipsum library. It is both a runnable application and a library whose routes can be embedded in other web applications.

It has been deployed on https://mapland.fr/lorem

Quick local start

Thanks to coursier from @alxarchambault, this application is quite easy to start, just execute :

cs launch fr.janalyse::lorem-ipsum-server-akkahttp:1.0.11


Environment variable Description default value
LOREM_IPSUM_LISTEN_IP Listening network interface ""
LOREM_IPSUM_LISTEN_PORT Listening port 8080
LOREM_IPSUM_PREFIX Add a prefix to all defined routes ""
LOREM_IPSUM_URL How this service is known from outside ""
LOREM_IPSUM_TITLE Home page title of this application "Lorem Ipsum"
LOREM_IPSUM_START_WITH_LOREM Always start with "Lorem ipsum" ? true
LOREM_IPSUM_WORD_COUNT_MIN Minimum amount of generated words 142
LOREM_IPSUM_WORD_COUNT_MAX Maximum amount of generated words 442
LOREM_IPSUM_BACKGROUND_COLOR Home page background color "#F0F0F0"
LOREM_IPSUM_FOREGROUND_COLOR Home page foreground color "#505050"