Scala and SQL happy together.


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VizSQL is a SQL parser & typer for scala

VizSQL provides support for parsing SQL statements into a scala AST. This AST can then be used to support many interesting transformations. We provide for example a static optimizer and an OLAP query rewriter. It also support typing the query to retrieve the resultset columns returned by a SQL statement.



libraryDependencies += "com.criteo" % "vizsql_2.11" % "{latestVersion}"




Here we use VizSQL to parse a SQL SELECT statement based on the SAKILA database, and to retrieve the column names and types of the returned resultset.

import com.criteo.vizatra.vizsql

val resultColumns =
    """SELECT country_id, max(last_update) as updated from City as x""",
  .fold(e => sys.error(s"SQL syntax error: $e"), identity)
  .fold(e => sys.error(s"SQL error: $e"), identity)

  resultColumns == List(
    Column("country_id", INTEGER(nullable = false)),
    Column("updated", TIMESTAMP(nullable = true))

Note that the query is not executed. It is just parsed, validated, analyzed and typed using the SAKILA database schema. The schema can be provided directly or extracted at runtime from a JDBC connection if needed. Here is for example the minimum SAKILA schema we need to provide so VizSQL is able to type the previous query:

val SAKILA = DB(schemas = List(
    tables = List(
        columns = List(
          Column("city_id", INTEGER(nullable = false)),
          Column("city", STRING(nullable = true)),
          Column("country_id", INTEGER(nullable = false)),
          Column("last_update", TIMESTAMP(nullable = true))


VizSQL support several dialects allowing to understand specific SQL syntax or functions for different databases. We started the core one based on the SQL99 standard. Then we enriched it to create specific dialects for Vertica and Hive. This is of course a work in progress (even for the SQL99 one).

In-browser VizSQL

Yes, VizSQL can run in browsers, thanks to Scala.js, the project can be compiled to JavaScript, so that your front-end code can also be equipped with VizSQL.

To compile to JavaScript:

sbt fullOptJS

then vizsql-opt.js is generated in the target folder, it's packed as a CommonJS (node.js) module

To use VizSQL:

const Database = require('vizsql').Database;
const db = Database().from({
    /* db definitions */

const parseResult = db.parse("SELECT * FROM table");

the parse result contains { error, select }:

  • error (object), null if no error is present
    msg: 'err' // message of the error
    pos: 1 // position of the error
  • select (object), null if there's an error
    columns: [...], // columns in the query
    tables: [...]   // tables in the query


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


Copyright © Criteo, 2016.