ScalaPy Gym Facade

A ScalaPy Facade for OpenAI Gym!


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What this project supports

The main aim of this facade consist in using environments described in OpenAI Gym.

Currently, there is no interesting in creating environment Scala side. The developing workflow consist in:

  • develop your reinforcement learning in Scala,
  • create a functional facade to interact with ScalaPy Gym
  • test your algorithms in Open AI baselines and share your results!


First, you should set up your ScalaPy project correctly, please refer to this documentation:

Then, you should add this library as dependency in your sbt file:

libraryDependencies += "io.github.cric96" %% "scalapy-gym" % "<x.y.z>"

The latest version is: Maven Central

Then you should install OpenAI dependencies. I suggest you to use pyenv. The main dependencies are:

  • gym
  • scipy

Look to requirements.txt.

To use other environments (box2d or MuJuCo and Atari), please refer to OpenAI Documentation.

How to use

This library tries to make environments type safe. So you have to define:

  • action type
  • observation type
  • action space type
  • observation space type

For example, for FrozenLake you should write:

val env = Gym.make[Int, Int, Discrete, Discrete]("FrozenLake-v0")

If you do not care about the action and observation type, you can type:

val env = Gym.unsafe("FrozenLake-v0")

A simple loop that advances in the simulation could be:

import io.github.cric96.gym.Gym
val env = Gym.unsafe("FrozenLake-v0") // or EnvFactory.ToyText.frozenLakeV0
val observations = (0 to 1000)
        .tapEach(_ => env.render)

The python counterpart is:

val env = Gym.unsafe("FrozenLake-v0")
for _ in range(1000):
  env.step(env.action_space.sample()) # take a random action

As you can see, the experience is very similar :)

Some environments have already the correct typing (look to EnvFactory)


  • ToyTest
    • FrozenLake
    • FrozenLake
    • GuessingGame
    • HotterColder
    • nChain
    • Roulette
  • ClassicControl
    • Acrobot
    • CartPole
    • MountainCar
    • MountainCarContinuous
    • Pendulum
  • Atari
  • Box2D
    • BipedalWalker
    • BipedalWalkerHardcore
    • CarRacing
    • LunarLander
    • LunarLanderContinuous
  • MuJoCo
  • Robotics
  • Algorithms