cptn-k / kfoundation-scala   0.3.1


Basic programming framework with extended serialization support

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12
Scala.js versions: 1.x

KFoundation: JVM/JS Edition

KFoundation is a library of essentials for modern programming needs. It is designed based on the concept of universality, both in technological and geographical senses. It is available on most platforms; it has a very small footprint with no dependency on third-party libraries, and it is highly optimized for CPU and memory usage so that it works smoothly on small devices. It natively supports UTF-8 (as opposed to the host platform's string format), and comes with a rich internationalization toolset.

This repository contains the JVM/JS edition. The main code is written in Scala, which is cross-compiled for JVM and JS, and wrapped inside friendly native Java and JS APIs for the convenience of the users of those languages.

The JVM/JS edition contains the following technologies:

  • Universal UI
  • Universal Serialization
  • Universal Culture
  • LoTeX

The native C++ edition is more extensive as it completely replaces (and does not depend on) C and C++ standard libraries.

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