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Library to parse and handle Java and Scala dependencies

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12


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dependency is a library to parse and handle Java and Scala dependencies. It features:

  • support for both Java and Scala dependencies (simply or fully cross-versioned, Scala.JS and Scala Native dependencies)
  • support for exclusions, override URLs for artifacts, …
  • support for Ivy module attributes
  • toString representation that can be parsed back
  • powerful string interpolator
  • Scala binary version computation


Add io.get-coursier::dependency:0.2.3 to your build:

// sbt
libraryDependencies += "io.get-coursier" %% "dependency" % "0.2.3"
// mill
def ivyDeps = Agg(ivy"io.get-coursier::dependency:0.2.3")

The latest version is Maven Central.

The examples below assume dependency._ is imported:

import dependency._

dependency is published for Scala 2.12, 2.13, and 3.



import dependency.parser.DependencyParser

val input = "io.get-coursier::coursier:2.0.6"
val maybeDependency: Either[String, AnyDependency] = DependencyParser.parse(input)
val dep = maybeDependency.toOption.get

Converting to pure Java dependency

val params = ScalaParameters("2.13.6")
val javaDep: Dependency = dep.applyParams(params)

assert(javaDep.toString == "io.get-coursier:coursier_2.13:2.0.6")

Converting to pure Java dependency with a platform

val params = ScalaParameters("2.13.6").copy(platform = Some("myplatform2"))
val javaDep: Dependency = dep"io.get-coursier::coursier::2.0.6".applyParams(params)

assert(javaDep.toString == "io.get-coursier:coursier_myplatform2_2.13:2.0.6")

String interpolator

val dep1: AnyDependency = dep"io.get-coursier::coursier:2.0.6"

val depName = "coursier"
val ver = "2.0.6"
val dep2: AnyDependency = dep"io.get-coursier::$depName:$ver"

The interpolated strings are validated at compile-time. As a consequence, string parameters (depName, ver above) should not contain separators (these will be part of the name, version, …, else).

Accessing fields

assert(dep.organization == "io.get-coursier")
assert( == "coursier")
assert( == "coursier_2.13")
assert(dep.version == "2.0.6")



import dependency.parser.ModuleParser

val moduleInput = "io.get-coursier::coursier"
val maybeModule: Either[String, AnyModule] = ModuleParser.parse(moduleInput)
val mod = maybeModule.toOption.get

Converting to pure Java module

val javaMod: Module = mod.applyParams(params)

assert(javaMod.toString == "io.get-coursier:coursier_2.13")

String interpolator

val mod1: AnyModule = mod"io.get-coursier::coursier"

val modName = "coursier"
val mod2: AnyModule = mod"io.get-coursier::$modName"

The interpolated strings are validated at compile-time. As a consequence, string parameters (modName above) should not contain separators (these will be part of the name, …, else).

Accessing fields

assert(mod.organization == "io.get-coursier")
assert( == "coursier")
assert( == "coursier_2.13")


Exclusions can be specified in the string representations of dependencies:

val depWithExclusions = dep"io.get-coursier::coursier:2.0.6,exclude=io.argonaut%%argonaut,exclude=org.fusesource.jansi%jansi"

assert(depWithExclusions.exclude == CovariantSet(mod"io.argonaut::argonaut", mod"org.fusesource.jansi:jansi"))

(Note the use of % as a separator in excluded dependencies).


Custom parameters can be passed in dependencies:

val depWithParams = dep"io.get-coursier::coursier:2.0.6,url=https://dl.cs/cs.jar,intransitive"

assert(depWithParams.userParams == Map("url" -> Some("https://dl.cs/cs.jar"), "intransitive" -> None))

Scala binary version

assert(ScalaVersion.binary("2.13.6") == "2.13")
assert(ScalaVersion.binary("3.0.0") == "3")
assert(ScalaVersion.jsBinary("1.5.1") == Some("1"))
assert(ScalaVersion.nativeBinary("0.4.0") == Some("0.4"))


To coursier interface dependency

Add a dependency towards io.get-coursier::dependency-interface:

Add io.get-coursier::dependency-interface:0.2.3 to your build:

// sbt
libraryDependencies += "io.get-coursier" %% "dependency-interface" % "0.2.3"
// mill
def ivyDeps = Agg(ivy"io.get-coursier::dependency-interface:0.2.3")

Then do

import dependency.api.ApiConverter
ApiConverter.module(mod"io.get-coursier::coursier") // coursierapi.Module
ApiConverter.dependency(dep"io.get-coursier::coursier:2.0.6".applyParams(ScalaParameters("2.13.6"))) // coursierapi.Dependency

Alternatively, the dependency-interface module also provides implicit conversions for these:

import dependency.api.ops._
mod"io.get-coursier::coursier".toCs // coursierapi.Module
dep"io.get-coursier::coursier:2.0.6".applyParams(ScalaParameters("2.13.6")).toCs // coursierapi.Dependency


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.