commercetools / sphere-play-sdk   1.0.0

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Java API client and helper classes for building a SPHERE.IO shop on Play 2.2

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11 2.10

Sphere Play SDK

SPHERE.IO is the first Platform-as-a-Service solution for eCommerce.

Deprecation notice

We gained a lot of experiences and learnings with this SDK for our SPHERE.IO platform. To be transparent, let's list some drawbacks

  • maintainability: Testability wasn't proper ensured.
  • faster development: Extending the SDK with new or custom functionality required a lot of code changes.
  • independency: Preselecting the Play framework and other libraries restricted it to a smaller user group.

The team put a lot of effort to address those and the result can be found in our new JVM SDK.

Nevertheless, we will provide critical bug fixes for this SDK as long as we have customers using it.