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The next generation shop framework by commercetools

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13

Sunrise Java Shop Framework 🌅

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⚠️ Sunrise Java is now deprecated and will be decommissioned in 2020. Instead please use our new demo shop Sunrise SPA. If you would nevertheless like to use Sunrise Java for your own developments you should fork this repository under the given license and continue developing your version, but please be aware that there will be no more updates and no support provided to this framework.

The next generation shop framework.


Sunrise Starter Project

The recommended way to start using Sunrise is to clone the Sunrise Starter Project and use it as a template project. It already contains all dependencies (i.e. Sunrise Framework and Theme) and configurations needed to run your Sunrise-based project.

Starting from scratch

Alternatively you can start your own Play Framework project and configure it yourself, using Sunrise as dependency:

val sunriseFrameworkVersion = "1.0.0-M9" // or desired version
libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  // add Sunrise Framework dependencies as needed, e.g.:
  "com.commercetools.sunrise" %% "product-catalog" % sunriseFrameworkVersion,
  "com.commercetools.sunrise" %% "shopping-cart" % sunriseFrameworkVersion,
  "com.commercetools.sunrise" %% "my-account" % sunriseFrameworkVersion,
  "com.commercetools.sunrise" %% "wishlist" % sunriseFrameworkVersion,
  // add the desired Sunrise Theme as dependency, e.g.:
  "com.commercetools.sunrise" % "commercetools-sunrise-theme" % "0.61.1"

These dependencies provide default Controllers which can be enabled by extending them into your own Controller and registering a route for it.

For example, if we wanted to enable an endpoint to see the contents of the cart, we would simply extend the SunriseCartDetailController:

// here you can register controller components
public final class CartDetailController extends SunriseCartDetailController {

    public CartDetailController(final ContentRenderer contentRenderer,
                                final CartFinder cartFinder,
                                final CartDetailPageContentFactory pageContentFactory) {
        // parameters that you can change via injection
        super(contentRenderer, cartFinder, pageContentFactory);

    public String getTemplateName() {
        // here goes the name of your template
        return "cart";
    // here you can override methods to change behaviour

Then we only need to associate our CartDetailController to a route with the desired pattern in conf/routes:

# Shows the details of the cart belonging to the current session
GET  /:languageTag/cart String)

Accessing http://localhost:9000/en/cart should now allow us to see the contents of our cart.

Check Sunrise Starter Project to adjust any other required configuration.

Integration tests against commercetools platform

  • Setup your environment variables (use a test project), so you need not to put your shop credentials under version control:
export SUNRISE_IT_CTP_PROJECT_KEY="your-CTP-project-key"
export SUNRISE_IT_CTP_CLIENT_SECRET="your-CTP-client-secret"
export SUNRISE_IT_CTP_CLIENT_ID="your-CTP-client-id"
  • sbt it:test

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