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A framework for easily building Flink streaming programs. Documentation can be found here.


Main contributors:

Former contributors:

Configuring the build environment

Command line

The project is build with SBT. To install SBT, do:

  • Mac: brew install sbt
  • Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install sbt

Run sbt. Then at the SBT console:

  • compile to compile
  • run to run the default class
  • test to run the tests
  • clean to clean

From IntelliJ

Install the latest IntelliJ. Go to the IntelliJ preferences and install the Scala plugin. Then

  1. File -> New -> Project with existing sources from within IntelliJ or "Import project" from the IntelliJ splash screen
  2. Select the top level checkout directory for CodeFeedr.
  3. On the dialog that appears, select "SBT"
  4. Click Next and then Finish
  5. From the "SBT Project Data To Import", select all modules

In order to run your application from within IntelliJ, you have to select the classpath of the 'mainRunner' module in the run/debug configurations. Simply open 'Run -> Edit configurations...' and then select 'mainRunner' from the "Use classpath of module" dropbox.

Run documentation locally

In order to run the documentation locally, make sure to have Ruby and Rubygem installed.

  1. Install Jekyll: gem install jekyll
  2. Install dependencies: gem install bundler
  3. Move to the docs directory: cd docs
  4. Serve the website: jekyll serve By default the documentation will be served at

Use orchestration tools

The orchestration tools are located under /tools. They depend on:

  • Python
  • Docker
  • Redis