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Scala Map-like class with higher-kind key and value types


MapK is a utility class that we implemented for Code Dx. It's like a scala.collection.immutable.Map[K, V], but where K and V are "higher-kinded" types like Option or List.

It's useful for when you have some "key" class that's parameterized on a type T, and you want to store a value of the appropriate type for each key, e.g.

import com.codedx.util.MapK

abstract class MyKey[T](val name: String)
case object Age extends MyKey[Int]("age")
case object Name extends MyKey[String]("name")
case object NumThings extends MyKey[Int]("numThings")

val info: MapK[MyKey, cats.Id] = MapK.empty[MyKey, cats.Id]
   .updated(Age, 21)
   .updated(Name, "Dylan")

// alternate apply syntax:
import MapK.entrySyntax._
val info = MapK(Age ~>> 21, Name ~>> "Dylan")

val age: Option[Int] = info.get(Age) // Some(21)
val name: Option[String] = info.get(Name) // Some("Dylan")
val numThings: Option[Int] = info.get(NumThings) // None



libraryDependencies += "com.codedx" %% "mapk" % "1.2.0"

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