clevercloud / warp10-scala-client   2.0.2


a scala client for warp10 geo/time series DB

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

master: Build Status

This is a scala client for Warp10 Geo/time series DB

It is based on the http4s client, and the Pooled HTTP client, keeping TCP connection alive. Configuration of the Client is here


This client is able to send data to the warp10 DB ATM. It's the main purpose and usage for the time being, on my side there is no active work on fetching data, PR welcome.

How to add to your project

Add the dependency to your build.sbt:

"com.clevercloud" %% "warp10-scala-client" % "2.0.3"

Add the resolver:

resolvers += "Clever Cloud Bintray" at ""

Download You can add yourself to the watchers list on the Bintray repo to be notified of new versions:

Code examples

val w10client = new Warp10Client(Uri.uri("http://localhost:8080/"), "WRITE")
w10client.sendData(Warp10Data(time, None, "org.test.plain.string", Set("label1" -> "dsfF3", "label2" -> "dsfg"), "data string test")).run

Look at the tests directory for functional tests and code examples