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reactive kafka client

Scala versions: 2.11

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General Purpose Kafka Client that Just Behaves


  • thin, reactive adapter around kafka's producer and consumer
  • per record, fine grained commits semantics
  • offset management to keep track of consumer positions

Consuming records:

kafka-rx provides a push alternative to kafka's pull-based stream

To connect to your zookeeper cluster and process a stream:

val consumer = new RxConsumer("zookeeper:2181", "consumer-group")

  .take(42 seconds)


All of the standard rx transforms are available on the resulting stream.

Producing records

kafka-rx can also be used to produce kafka streams

  .foreach { (tag, subStream) =>
      .foreach { savedRecord =>
        savedRecord.commit() // checkpoint position in the source stream

Check out the words-to-WORDS producer or the twitter-stream demo for a full working example.

Reliable Record Processing

kafka-rx was built with reliable record processing in mind

To support this, every kafka-rx record has a .commit() method which optionally takes a user provided merge function, giving the program an opportunity to reconcile offsets with zookeeper and manage delivery guarantees.

stream.buffer(23).foreach { bucket =>

If you can afford possible gaps in record processing you can also use kafka's automatic offset commit behavior, but you are encouraged to manage commits yourself.

In general you should aim for idempotent processing, where it is no different to process a record once or many times. In addition, remember that records are delivered across different topic partitions in a non-deterministic order. If this is important you are encouraged to process each topic partition as an individual stream to ensure there is no interleaving.

val numStreams = numPartitions
val streams = consumer.getRecordStreams(topic, numStreams)
for (stream <- streams) yield Future { process(stream) }


Wherever possible, kafka-rx delegates to kafka's internal configuration.

Use kafka's ConsumerConfig for configuring the consumer, and ProducerConfig for configuring your producer.

Including in your project

Currently kafka-rx is built against kafka and scala 2.11, but should work fine with other similar versions.

From maven:


From sbt:

libraryDependencies += "com.cj" %% "kafka-rx" % "0.3.1"

Videos & Examples

For more code and help getting started, see the examples.

Or, if videos are more your style:

stream processing with kafka-rx


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