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A modified version of the standard NingWSPlugin that adds support for the following configuration properties:

// How long (ms) to keep a connection in the pool (default: forever)

// How long (ms) to keep an idle connection in the pool (default: 1 min)

// How long (ms) to keep an idle WebSocket conn open (default: 15 min)


Works with Play 2.3.8. Should work with older 2.3.x versions, but I'm not sure when they upgraded the AsyncHttpClient dependency in Play. You might hit issues because some methods were renamed in AsyncHttpClient.

The plugin is published for Scala 2.10 and 2.11.

How to use

  1. Add a dependency in your sbt build file:

    "com.github.cb372" %% "play-configurable-ningwsplugin" % "0.3"
  2. Add the plugin to your play.plugins file:

    # This priority has to be < 700, so that we are used in preference to the default NingWSPlugin
  3. Add configuration to your application.conf as desired. For example:

    ws.ning.maximumConnectionLifeTime = 60000