cartodb / analytics-toolbox-core   2022.10.19


A set of UDFs and Procedures to extend BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, Postgres and Databricks with Spatial Analytics capabilities

Scala versions: 2.12

CARTO Analytics Toolbox Core

The CARTO Analytics Toolbox is a set of UDFs and Stored Procedures to unlock Spatial Analytics. It is organized into modules based on the functionality they offer. This toolbox is cloud-native, which means it is available for different data warehouses: BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, Postgres, and Databricks. It is built on top of the data warehouse's GIS features, extending and complementing this functionality.

BigQuery Snowflake Redshift Postgres Databricks

This repo contains the core open-source modules of the toolbox. CARTO offers a set of premium modules that are available for CARTO users.

Getting started

Using the functions on this project depends on the Datawarehouse you are using. In BigQuery and Snowflake you can access them directly as a shared resources without having to install them, for the rest you will have to install them locally on your database.


You can use directly the functions as they are globally shared in the US region.

SELECT `carto-os.carto.H3_CENTER`('84390cbffffffff')

If you need to use them from the Europe region use:

SELECT `carto-os-eu.carto.H3_CENTER`('84390cbffffffff')

If you need to install them on your own VPC or in a different region, follow the instructions later on.


The easiest way to start using these functions is to add them to your Datawarehouse through the Snowflake Marketplace. Go there and install it using theregular methods. After that you should be able to use them on the location you have installed them. For example try:

SELECT carto_os.carto.H3_FROMGEOGPOINT(ST_POINT(-3.7038, 40.4168), 4)

If you need to install them directly, not through the data share process, follow the instructions later on.


Right now the only way to get access the Analytics toolbox is by installing it directly on your database. Follow the instructions later on.


Cloud Documentation


Cloud Development

Useful make commands

To run tests, switch to a specific cloud directory. For example, Showflake: cd clouds/snowflake.

# All tests
make test

# Specific module(s)
make test modules=h3
make test modules=h3,transformations

# Specific function(s)
make test functions=H3_POLYFILL
make test functions=H3_POLYFILL,ST_BUFFER


This project is public. We are more than happy of receiving feedback and contributions. Feel free to open a ticket with a bug, a doubt or a discussion, or open a pull request with a fix or a new feature.