buntec / sbt-scalavista   0.1.4

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sbt plugin for scalavista-server

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


The sbt plugin companion for the scalavista-server language-server, the neovim-scalavista Neovim plugin, and the vscode-scalavista Visual Studio Code extension. Please refer to those projects for more information.


Add this to project/plugins.sbt (or globally to .sbt/1.0/plugins/plugins.sbt):

addSbtPlugin("org.scalavista" % "sbt-scalavista" % "0.1.4")

In most cases it suffices to run:

sbt generateScalavistaConfig

This task will combine your sources and dependencies across projects/configurations. If you need more control you can use generateScopedScalavistaConfig, which can be scoped, e.g., projA / Test / generateScopedScalavistaConfig.

Either of the above produces a scalavista.json file at the root of your project. Re-generate it whenever the structure of your project changes (dependencies, compiler options, etc.).

Known Issues

If the generated scalavista.json is corrupted (not a valid json), re-running the task once or twice should do the trick.