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A Very Simple Logger

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11

AVSL - A Very Simple Logger

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AVSL is a very simple logger, written in Scala. AVSL implements the Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) API, allowing applications to be written to the SLF4J API. (This, of course, includes Java applications.) Because it implements SLF4J, AVSL can easily be swapped for another SLF4J-compatible logging framework (or the other way around), without any changes to the calling application. Also, because it supports SLF4J, AVSL can be used in conjunction with Scala SLF4J wrappers, such as Grizzled-SLF4J.

"AVSL" stands for "A Very Simple Logger", and AVSL strives for simplicity in several ways.

  • AVSL is simple to configure, using a non-XML, INI-style configuration file that's reminiscent of the Python logging module's configuration. This simpler configuration file is easier to read and edit than the XML configuration files used by logging frameworks such as Logback. (Since I dislike XML configuration files, this is big win for me.)
  • AVSL is a lightweight logging framework. It is intended to be used primarily in standalone programs, not enterprise applications. It may work fine for your enterprise application, of course; but, if it doesn't, you can easily switch to something else.
  • The default message formatter uses a simpler, more compact syntax than Java's SimpleDateFormat, relying on strftime-like escapes.
  • You can specify the configuration file via an environment variable (AVSL_CONFIG) or a Java system property. If neither is present, AVSL looks for resource avsl.conf somewhere in the classpath.
  • AVSL does not monitor and reload its configuration file.
  • AVSL does not implement the SLF4J marker or MDC capabilities.
  • AVSL does not wrap other logging frameworks.
  • AVSL does not let programmers define their own log levels.

In short, AVSL is a perfectly serviceable, simple logging framework that can easily be swapped out for something with more features.

For more information, please see the AVSL web page.

NOTE: Starting with version 1.1.0, AVSL no longer supports Scala 2.10. For information on which AVSL versions support which Scala versions, see the AVSL web page.

Copyright and License

AVSL is copyright © 2010-2019 Brian M. Clapper.