SHACL shapes for W3C PROV-0-20130430

The project bundles a data management oriented SHACL version of W3C PROV-O ( and a workbench allowing to test the SHACL shapes.

Schema format

The SHACL shapes are defined and combined in an envelop that conforms to Nexus KG schema format.


The workbench scala module depends on the nexus-commons project. In order to build the project, the nexus-commons project has to be published locally until stable version of it is released.

To use the workbench (when located in the nexus-prov folder):

  • run the 'sbt' command
  • and then run 'test' command

All valid data defined in prov/test/resources/data/{org}/{domain}/{schemaname}/* will be checked for validation success with respect to their corresponding schemas defined in prov/src/main/resources/schemas/{org}/{domain}/{schemaname}/. On the opposite all invalid data defined in prov/test/resources/invalid/{org}/{domain}/{schemaname}/ will be checked for validation failure with respect to their corresponding schemas defined in prov/src/main/resources/schemas/{org}/{domain}/{schemaname}/*.


The license for all codes in this repository is Apache 2 while the license for all schemas and data is CC-BY-4.0

Funding and Acknowledgements

The development of this project was supported by funding to the Blue Brain Project, a research center of the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), from the Swiss government’s ETH Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology.

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