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Scala client for Amazon S3

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

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Scala client for Amazon S3

How to use

Add a following dependency into your build.sbt at first.

libraryDependencies += "" %% "aws-s3-scala" % "0.0.15"

Then you can access S3 as following:

import awscala.s3._
import awscala.Region

implicit val region = Region.Tokyo
implicit val s3 = S3(accessKeyId = "xxx", secretAccessKey = "xxx")

val bucket: Bucket = s3.createBucket("unique-name-xxx")
bucket.put("sample.txt", new"sample.txt"))

s3-scala also provide mock implementation which works on the local file system.

implicit val s3 = S3.local(new"s3data"))

Major methods are implemented in this mock, however some methods are not implemented. These methods throw NotImplementedError if invoked.