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Jakarta Bean Validation 3.0 for Scala. (Bean校验+编译期植入参数校验)

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13


Jakarta Bean Validation 3.0 for Scala.

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  • Support Scala 3.x and 2.13.x, Java 11 and above
  • Support validate scala types, e.g. Option, Seq, Set, Map, Vector, etc
  • Support validate object
  • Support cascade validation
  • For Scala3, support for parameter validation, catching errors and allowing access to error


Add the following to build.sbt:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "org.bitlap" %% "validation-scala-core" % "latest version"

Validate Object

Step 1. Add annotations to your case class:

import jakarta.validation.constraints.Size

case class Person(
  // @(Size @getter)(min = 4) also supports the getter method
  @(Size @field)(min = 4)
  name: Option[String]

Step 2. Create validator by our library:

import bitlap.validation.ScalaValidatorFactory
import bitlap.validation.ScalaClockProvider

val validator = ScalaValidatorFactory.scalaValidator(new ScalaClockProvider)

Step 3. Validate a case class object:

val obj = Person(Some("abc"))
val violations = validator.validate(obj)

if (violations.nonEmpty) {
  println("Violations found!")

Validate Method Parameters

This allows us to use it like SpringBoot. It does not support annotations with group parameters and only supports scala 3!

Add the following to build.sbt:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "org.bitlap" %% "validation-scala-core" % "latest version",
  // "org.bitlap" %% "validation-scala-ext" % "latest version", // for zio
autoCompilerPlugins := true
addCompilerPlugin("org.bitlap" %% "validation-scala-plugin" % "latest version")

Cascade Validation

Then, checking code will be automatically inserted during compilation and may throw an IllegalArgumentException if the constraint checking fails.

If you do not wish to throw an exception directly, you should add a bind: BindingResult parameter to method:

import jakarta.validation.Valid
import jakarta.validation.constraints.NotNull

def validatedTwoParams(@Valid person1: Person, @Valid person2: Person): String

def validatedOneParams(@Valid person1: Person): String

// The plugin captures the `bind` parameters based on the type, so the name doesn't matter.
def validatedBindParams(@Valid person1: Person, bindingError: BindingResult = BindingResult.default): String

def validatedNotNullParams(@Valid @NotNull person1: Person): String

Non-Cascade Validation

import jakarta.validation.constraints.{ NotBlank, NotNull }

def validatedNotNullParams(@NotNull person1: Person): String

def validatedNotEmptyParam(@NotBlank name: String): String


  • Only instance methods of classes are supported due to the limitations of jakarta
  • Overloading methods with the same number of parameters are not supported.

Other information

  1. Supported Annotations
  2. Normal Examples
  3. ZIO Examples

Inspired by

bean-validation-scala, JSR 303 and 349 Bean Validation for Scala.