Super simple terminal output colorizing for Scala


Forked from ktoso/scala-rainbow

Super simple terminal output colorizing for Scala. Using it you can colorize any string for terminal output and was tested on Linux and OSX, not on windows and there it probably sux ;-)


for sbt:

val rainbowcli =  "com.bilal-fazlani" % "rainbowcli" % "3.0.0"

libraryDependencies += rainbowcli

The library is published for Scala 3


Using rainbow is as simple as it gets:

import com.bilalfazlani.rainbowcli.*

given ColorContext = ColorContext(true)

println { "Warning, critical error!".red.bold }

For a list of available colors take a look at rainbow.scala


Public Domain - Just use it however you see fit.