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Collection of community contributions to Scala Swing

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A collection of community-contributed extensions to Scala Swing, including

  • A Tree and TreeModel for wrapping JTree, contributed by Ken Scambler & Sciss
  • A GroupPanel to display items using javax.swing.GroupLayout, contributed by Andreas Flierl
  • A PopupMenu wrapper contributed by
  • A ColorChooser contributed by Andy Hicks
  • RichColor enriches java.awt.Color with methods to move around in color space, contributed by Ben Hutchison
  • AbsoluteLayoutPanel supports absolute layouts (Swing's null LayoutManager) in ScalaSwing, contributed by Ben Hutchison and Ken Scambler
  • RichFont enriches java.awt.Font

All classes reside in the scalaswingcontrib package namespace.

ScalaSwingContrib is derived from and, and is maintained by Ben Hutchison and Ken Scambler.


  • 1.4: Not Recorded
  • 1.5 April 2013: Fixes/enhancements to Tree (thanks @Sciss)
  • 1.6 Dec 2015: Fixes/enhancements to Tree (thanks @OndrejSpanel)
  • 1.7 Nov 2016: Scala 2.12, library upgrades, jdk8 only

Maven details

1.7 is Cross-built for 2.10.6, 2.11.8, 2.12.0:

"com.github.benhutchison" %% "scalaswingcontrib" % "1.7"

Version 1.4 is built with Scala 2.10.1. 1.3 is built with Scala 2.9.2.

Publishing Instructions

Ensure sonatype credentials at $HOME/.sbt/(sbt-version)/sonatype.sbt More info




Bug reports and pull requests welcome.

Be aware that ScalaSwingContrib is intended to be strictly an extension, not a modification to ScalaSwing, so changes to existing ScalaSwing APIs should be submitted to the core Scala team.