beangle / boot   0.1.8


Thin jar boot facility

Scala versions: 3.x

Beangle Boot toolkit

It provides a smart mechanism to bootstrap jar.Unlike other boot libraries which building flatjar, beangle-boot just detects dependencies list in jarfile!/META-INF/beangle/dependencies.

The dependencies file contains many lines,each line discribe a artifact gav(group:artifact:version) info, that corresponding jar can be fetched by maven repo.

Generate dependencies file

Put this configurate fragment in your project plugin.sbt file.

addSbtPlugin("" % "sbt-beangle-build" % "0.0.2")

A executable jar should contain Main-Class in /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF.The configuration can be appended by jar plugin.

Compile / packageBin / packageOptions +=
Package.ManifestAttributes(java.util.jar.Attributes.Name.MAIN_CLASS -> "")

Compile / compile := (Compile / compile).dependsOn(BootPlugin.generateDependenciesTask).value

After that,use sbt package will generate a package which contains the dependencies file.

Launch your jar

chmod +x
./ /path/to/your/project.jar

To append additional library to object jar's classpath,using format:

./ -cp "/path/to/lib/*" /path/to/your/project.jar

Specify properties using -Dxx=vv

./ -cp "/path/to/lib/*" -Dk1=v1 -Dk2=v2  /path/to/your/project.jar arg1 arg2

The difference with java command is that -jar option is ommited.