sbt plugin to copy a readme and scaladocs (using `sbt-site`)


sbt plugin to copy a readme and scaladocs (using sbt-site)


sbt-ghdocver adds two very simple tasks to supplement sbt-site:

copies a generated readme to the repo's root
copies generated scaladocs to the /docs folder


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NOTE: requires sbt 1.x

add to project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.bdkent" % "sbt-ghdocver" % "0.1.1")

because this project extends sbt-site, you should already have:

addSbtPlugin("com.typesafe.sbt" % "sbt-site" % "1.3.2")

enable in build.sbt:




sbt-site supports preprocessing for variable substitution. This is useful for getting the version into the README file. ghdvCopyReadme copies the generated README file back into the root of the repo.

Assuming you have the PreprocessPlugin enabled, enablePlugins(PreprocessPlugin), and have your README template where PreprocessPlugin expects (by default /src/site-preprocess) then the ghdvCopyReadme task will copy the generated README from /target/preprocess/ to /

If you have a non-markdown README, you can set the ghdvReadmeName setting. For example, ghdvReadmeName := "README.rst" for a reStructuredText README.

sbt-ghdocver should respect any changes to default paths in sbt-site.


sbt-site makes it easy to generate scaladocs. Then sbt-ghpages makes it easy to publish to the gh-pages branch. You are on your own, however, if you want to keep publish the scaladocs in the /docs folder in the same branch (useful for making previous scaladoc versions accessable).

ghdvCopyScaladocs does this simple copy.

Assuming you have the SiteScaladocPlugin plugin enabled, enablePlugins(SiteScaladocPlugin), and are generating docs by version (such as siteSubdirName in SiteScaladoc := "scaladocs/api/" + version.value), then the ghdvCopyScaladocs task will copy the current version's generated scaladocs folder from /target/site/scaladocs/api/@VERSION@ to /docs/scaladocs/api/@VERSION@.

You can customize the destination folder by setting ghdvDocsDirName.


If all you are using sbt-site for is to generate the README and scaladocs, it is useful to make a little custom command in your build.sbt:

commands += Command.command("makeDocs") {
  "makeSite" :: "ghdvCopyReadme" :: "ghdvCopyScaladocs" ::  _

and then throw that new command as a step in your sbt-release process (releaseStepCommand("makeDocs")).