Scala by Backwards

Scala module that not only provides useful reusable functionality, but also acts a Scala learning tool, specifically around Functional Programming in Scala.

Of course you can simply clone/fork this module. However, this module is also published on JitPack, where the following dependency can be added to your project:

lazy val backwards: Seq[ModuleID] = {
  val version = "1.0.8"

    "com.github.backwards-limited" % "scala-backwards" % version % "test, it" classifier "tests",
    "com.github.backwards-limited" % "scala-backwards" % version % "test, it" classifier "it"
  ) ++ Seq(
    "com.github.backwards-limited" % "scala-backwards" % version

The above dependency declaration includes source, test and integration test code.

You will also need to add a resolver to JitPack:

resolvers ++= Seq(
  <your current resolvers>,
  "jitpack" at ""

To see an example of the above, take a look at Kafka Backwards.

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