AVSystem Commons Library for Scala

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API reference

NOTE This library is available to the public but it's mostly used internally at AVSystem. Therefore, API may frequently change in an incompatible way.

Modules and features

  • commons-core - basic language utilities and generic features not associated with any particular library of framework:
    • GenCodec: format-agnostic, typeclass based serialization framework with automatic typeclass derivation for case classes and sealed hierarchies
      • built-in serialization formats include JSON (raw string), CBOR and BSON (in commons-mongo).
    • Typesafe RPC/proxy framework used in particular by Udash Framework for client-server communication
    • Better enumeration support for Scala - ValueEnum, SealedEnumCompanion, NamedEnumCompanion, OrderedEnum
    • Java interoperability utilities - JavaInterop
    • Google Guava interoperability utilities (dependency on Guava is optional)
    • Various Scala language-level utilities
    • Lightweight alternatives for Scala Option - Opt - guarantees no nulls, OptArg, NOpt, OptRef (implemented as value classes)
    • Components and Dependency Injection library
  • commons-redis - Scala driver for Redis
  • commons-macros contains implementations of macros used in other modules and reusable macro utilities:
    • MacroCommons trait with several convenience functions for implementing macros
    • TypeClassDerivation - implements infrastructure for automatic type class derivation
  • commons-analyzer - static analyzer for Scala code, i.e. a compiler plugin that enforces various (mostly unrelated) rules and conventions on source code
  • commons-jetty - Jetty server utilities
  • commons-mongo - MongoDB utilities for Scala & Java MongoDB drivers, integration with GenCodec
  • commons-hocon - Utilities for working with HOCON
    • HoconInput - an Input implementation for GenCodec that can read Lightbend Config (com.typesafe.config.Config)
    • An AST (HTree) and a lexer/parser for HOCON (HLexer, HParser)
  • commons-spring - Spring framework utilities:
    • HoconBeanDefinitionReader - an utility that allows you to define Spring application context using HOCON format