Just another Scala driver for ArangoDB. Designed to be use with Akka and graph structures

Just another Scala driver for ArangoDB

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Reactive streams based Scala driver/client for ArangoDB. This driver is based on ArangoDB REST API and Akka streams and spray JSON.

Outdated code NOTICE

As this project is not actively maintained, you may consider using: https://github.com/outr/scarango (#5)


This is early version. Functionality:

  • Administration: version, statistics, tasks, etc
  • AQL: CRUD, etc
  • Bulk: exectute, import, export, etc
  • Cluster: CRUD, etc
  • Collections: Create, List, Get, Update, Delete, etc
  • Cursors: Create, Delete, Read
  • Database: Create (with users), List, Get, Delete
  • Documents: Create, Get, List, Replace, Patch, Delete, etc
  • Graph: CRUD, etc
  • Graph edges: CRUD, etc
  • Graph Traversal: Exectute
  • Indexes: Create(SkipList, CapacityConstrain, Fulltext, General, Geo, Hash), Read, Get, Delete
  • Job: List, Get, etc
  • Replication: CRUD, etc
  • Simple Queries: Get(All, any, byExample, etc), Remove, Update
  • Transactions: Execute
  • User handling: Create, List, Fetch, Replace, Remove
  • Write ahead log: Get, Update Flush


You may need to add the Sonatype nexus to your resolvers:

resolvers += "Sonatype OOS" at "https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/releases"


libraryDependencies += "com.auginte" % "scarango_2.11" % "0.3.1"



or other


Why another driver

This client/driver concentrates on faster/easier development of

  • Reactive streams/non-blocking applications
  • Graph intensive applications

Development still in progress

Older versions

v0.2.4 was last version, that was based on Spray 1.x version.

All later versions are based on Akka Http (Spray 2.x) and are not back-compatible with Spray 1.x

For details see Changelog or use git diff 😏

Similar projects

Run/Develop driver itself

Assuming, that ArangoDb is installed on and disable-authentication=false

Run once:

sbt run

During development

sbt "~re-start"


sbt test


Apache 2.0