audienceproject / kinesis-writer   3.2.2


An utility for optimal writing of aggregated Kinesis Stream Records composed of User Records to a Kinesis Stream.

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

Kinesis Writer

This very simple library can be used to write data to an Amazon Kinesis stream.

The data that is supposed to be written to the Kinesis Stream has to be an Array[Byte].

How to use it

Include the library in your project's build.sbt file:

libraryDependencies += "com.audienceproject" %% "kinesis-writer" % "3.0.1"

Easiest is to just to provide the Kinesis Stream name and the iterator. The Kinesis client is build for you with the default profile credentials provider. This works great on Amazon EC2.

val it = List(
    Array[Byte](10, 11, 23),
    Array[Byte](6, 4, 13)

KinesisWriter.write("test-stream", it)

You can also specify a Kinesis client. This is mostly useful when running outside AWS.

val it = List(
    Array[Byte](10, 11, 23),
    Array[Byte](6, 4, 13)

val client = new AmazonKinesisClient(new ProfileCredentialsProvider("my-custom-profile"))

ScalaKinesisWriter.write("test-stream", it, client)

Known issues

Has code copy pasted from: due to it not being on maven and manual lib dependencies being subpar.

Magical numbers

To make sure that data is successfully consumed on the other side of the Kinesis stream, the maximum record size has empirically been made smaller than what Amazon lists as maximum. Experiments have shown that records the size of (or close) to 1MB can fail to be consumed correctly.