A typing animation lib for scalajs.


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Tidori(千鳥) is a toy inspired by Typed.js in scalajs.

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Add the following to your sbt build definition: `

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("ariwarasai","maven")
libraryDependencies += "xyz.ariwaranosai" %%% "tidori" % lastVersion


Quick Look

You can build your typing animation with following way.

// select node to show animation
val pNode = dom.document.getElementById("broad")

// set speed for typing in ms
val context = OperatorContext(pNode, 200)

// write your text and change to animation
val text = "typing animation".bb

// run

Add run script in your html.

A more complex example is shown in example and html.

More Details

tidori provids more power to control typing animation.

import xyz.ariwaranosai.tidori.dom.DomOperator._
import xyz.ariwaranosai.tidori.dom.BeatOperatorImplicit._

"kancolle".bb // typing string in each of character
"kancolle".b // typing string at once

speed(0.5) // change typing speed 1 * 0.5 = 0.5 in following typing

3.delay // pause typing in 3 beat

2.del() // delete 2 character

tidori uses scalatags to build html element.

import xyz.ariwaranosai.tidori.dom.DomOperator._
import xyz.ariwaranosai.tidori.dom.BeatOperatorImplicit._
import scalatags.JsDom.all._

val node = a(href:= "https://github.com/ariwaranosai/tidori").render

node.b // typing node

node.bs("tidori") // typing string in node at one
node.bbs("tidori") // typing each of character in node

you can use ~: to connect two operations. There are also some html elements in tidori.dom.DomElements.

"Jintsu".bb ~: htmlBR.b ~: "Sendai".bb

You can find more operations in DomOperator

tidori can build animation with multi-nest elements in a easy way.

import xyz.ariwaranosai.tidori.dom.DomOperator._
import xyz.ariwaranosai.tidori.dom.BeatOperatorImplicit._
import xyz.ariwaranosai.tidori.dom.DomElements._
import scalatags.JsDom.all._

val pNode = p().render.b

val internalOp = "Katori".bb ~: htmlBR.b ~: "Kashima".bb
val aNode = a().render

pNode ~: "kancolle".bb ~: subElement(aNode, internalOp) ~: htmlBR.b

implementation Details

Core type of tidori is

class BeatDomOperator[A](time: Double, op: OpC => Future[(A, OpC)]) {
    def run(m: OpC): Future[(A, OpC)] = ???

BeatDomOperator likes StateT[Future, T, S]. But context which future is running in, is implemented by setTimeout in javascript (in fact, BeatDomOperator is not implemented by StateT since the type we used to replace future is not a monad). Liking state monad, we also provide flatMap, get and set, and function for sub-context used them. So, it is easy to combine those operations.