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Little scala extension to Typesafe Config


Typesafe Config (little scala wrapper)

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Little scala extension to Typesafe Config



libraryDependencies += "com.github.andyglow" %% "typesafe-config-scala" % ${LATEST_VERSION} % Compile


Import it

import com.github.andyglow.config._

And then you will be able to

Get value by specifying needed type

val v1 = config.get[String]("path")
val v2 = config.get[Int]("path")
val v3 = config.get[FiniteDuration]("path")

Get rid of if hasPath this else that by leveraging notion of options

// optional value
val val1: Option[String] = config.get[Option[String]]("path")
val val2: String         = config.getOrElse[String]("path", "default")

Have more flexible api for working with multi-values

val list1     = config.get[List[String]]("path")
val set2      = config.get[Set[Int]]("path")
val iterator3 = config.get[Iterator[ConfigMemorySize]]("path")

Supported types

  • String
  • Int
  • Boolean
  • Double
  • Long
  • Bytes (file size, etc...)
  • Duration (java.time)
  • Duration (scala)
  • FiniteDuration
  • ConfigList
  • Config
  • ConfigObject
  • ConfigMemorySize
  • Date (java.util)
  • Date (java.sql)
  • Time (java.sql)
  • Timestamp (java.sql)
  • LocalDate (java.time)
  • LocalTime (java.time)
  • LocalDateTime (java.time)
  • OffsetDateTime (java.time)
  • ZonedDateTime (java.time)
  • DayOfWeek (java.time)
  • Month (java.time)
  • Year (java.time)
  • Option[T] where T is one of the supported types
  • scala collections. Seq[T], etc. Any sort of collection types which has corresponding CanBuildFrom


Also this can be extended by providing implementations for FromConf and/or ConfType (used for collections and might be implicitly reused for FromConf) For example take a look at com.github.andyglow.config.ConfType#juDateT implementation and spec at com.github.andyglow.config.JavaUtilDateExtSpec