andyglow / typesafe-config-scala   2.0.0

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Little scala extension to Typesafe Config

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12 2.11

Typesafe Config (little scala wrapper)

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Little scala extension to Typesafe Config



libraryDependencies += "com.github.andyglow" %% "typesafe-config-scala" % ${LATEST_VERSION} % Compile


Import it

import com.github.andyglow.config._

And then you will be able to

Get value by specifying needed type

val v1 = config.get[String]("path")
val v2 = config.get[Int]("path")
val v3 = config.get[FiniteDuration]("path")

Get rid of if hasPath this else that by leveraging notion of options

// optional value
val val1: Option[String] = config.get[Option[String]]("path")
val val2: String         = config.getOrElse[String]("path", "default")

Have more flexible api for working with multi-values

val list1     = config.get[List[String]]("path")
val set2      = config.get[Set[Int]]("path")
val iterator3 = config.get[Iterator[ConfigMemorySize]]("path")

Supported types

  • String
  • Int
  • Boolean
  • Double
  • Long
  • Bytes (file size, etc...)
  • Duration (java.time)
  • Duration (scala)
  • FiniteDuration
  • ConfigList
  • Config
  • ConfigObject
  • ConfigMemorySize
  • Date (java.util)
  • Date (java.sql)
  • Time (java.sql)
  • Timestamp (java.sql)
  • LocalDate (java.time)
  • LocalTime (java.time)
  • LocalDateTime (java.time)
  • OffsetDateTime (java.time)
  • ZonedDateTime (java.time)
  • DayOfWeek (java.time)
  • Month (java.time)
  • Year (java.time)
  • Option[T] where T is one of the supported types
  • scala collections. Seq[T], etc. Any sort of collection types which has corresponding CanBuildFrom


Also this can be extended by providing implementations for FromConf and/or ConfType (used for collections and might be implicitly reused for FromConf) For example take a look at com.github.andyglow.config.ConfType#juDateT implementation and spec at com.github.andyglow.config.JavaUtilDateExtSpec


Often we need to transform configs into some more trivial structures like Maps or java Properties. For these sort or problems we provide Flatten function. It map take Config or ConfigValue and produce either Properties or Map. Example:

val conf: Config = ???

// for config
val properties = Flatten[java.util.Properties](conf)
val stringMap = Flatten[Map[String, String]](conf)

// for value
val properties = Flatten[java.util.Properties](conf.getValue("some-prop"))
val stringMap = Flatten[Map[String, String]](conf.getValue("some-prop"))

// also you can flatten config into already initialized instance of either Properties of Map
val propertiesWithConfig = Flatten(conf.getValue("some-prop"), properties)
val stringMapWithConfig = Flatten(conf.getValue("some-prop"), stringMap)