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Type-level API for standard collections

Scala versions: 2.11


Type-level API for standard collections

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shapeless-refined-std enriches the standard library, collections mostly, using the typelevel collections: tuples, shapeless' HList and Sized.

Whenever possible, it provides alternatives with stronger types to standard library collections' methods that can either return collections of sizes known at compile-time, for example:

def it = Iterator.fill(nextInt(50))(nextDouble()) // A random iterator...

def result = it.slidingT(3) // Iterator[(Double, Double, Double)]
//  3 provided as argument at compile-time -> Tuple3 in the return type

val str = "first;second;third;fourth"

val resultOpt = str.splitH(3, ";") // Option[String :: String :: String :: HNil]
// 3 provided as argument at compile-time -> 3-length HList in the return type

or that can be repeated, for example:

val l = List.fill(nextInt(10))(nextDouble()) // A random list...
/* Trying to find 5 elements satisfying a predicate */
val result = l.findS(5)(_ > 0.5) // Option[Sized[List[Double], _5]]
// 5 provided as argument at compile-time -> Sized of length 5 in the return type

In the above, splitH(3, ...) tries to split str into 3 elements. splitH ends in H so it will try to return a HList. If it succeeds, it returns Some(firstFoundElement :: secondFoundElement :: thirdFoundElement :: HNil), and it returns None if it fails. findT and findS also exist, where the 3-length HList is replaced by a tuple ((Double, Double, Double)) or a Sized (Sized[List[Double], _3]).

The returned values can be matched straight away, like in:

it.groupedT(2).map{ case (previous, current) => ... }
str.splitT(3, ";") match {
  case None => // failed
  case Some((first, second, third)) => // success

Whereas using the standard library methods, one would have had to write

it.grouped(2).withPartial(false).map{ t => (t(0), t(1)) }.map{case (first, second) => ...}
Some(str.split(";", 3)).filter(_.length == 3).map(t => (t(0), t(1), t(2))) match {
  case None => ...
  case Some((first, second, third)) => ...

Available methods are illustrated in the tests, under src/test.


Add to your build.sbt

libraryDependencies += "com.github.alexarchambault" %% "shapeless-refined-std" % "0.1.1"

For the development version, add instead

resolvers ++= Seq(

libraryDependencies +=
  "com.github.alexarchambault" %% "shapeless-refined-std" % "0.1.2-SNAPSHOT"

If you are using shapeless 2.2, replace 0.1.2-SNAPSHOT by 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.

Then add in your sources:

import shapeless.refinedstd.syntax._
/* New methods ending in ...T (tuples), ...H (HList), or ...S (Sized),
 * are available on instances of TraversableOnce, Iterator, TraversableLike,
 * IterableLike, SeqLike, String, Regex. 

Only for scala 2.11 for now, a (possibly lighter) version for scala 2.10 is being prepared. Depends on shapeless 2.1.0.


These methods are backed by dependent functions (shapeless' DepFn*), available in the shapeless.refinedstd.ops namespace, à la shapeless.


Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Alexandre Archambault. See LICENSE file for more details.

Released under Apache 2.0 license.

Thanks to @milessabin for the suggestion of the name "shapeless-refined-std".