SBT plugin to read several settings from Github

This plugin enables several settings automatically by downloading them from Github:

  • homepage: Retrieved from the Github repository's information.
  • developers: A list containing the repository collaborators.
  • description: Retrieved from the Github repository.
  • licenses: Retrieved from the Github repository.
  • contributors: The list of repository contributors. This list will not include contributors set in excludedContributors.
  • collaborators: The list of repository collaborators who are also contributors. This list will always include collaborators set in extraCollaborators.
  • releases: The list of repository releases.
  • startYear: Extracted from the repository creation date.
  • yearRange: A year range that goes from startYear to the current year.
  • organizationName: The repository organization name or the owner's name if populateOrganizationWithOwner is set to true.
  • organizationEmail: The repository organization email or the owner's email if populateOrganizationWithOwner is set to true.
  • organizationHomepage: The repository organization homepage or the owner's homepage if populateOrganizationWithOwner is set to true.


Add the following line to your plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.alejandrohdezma" % "sbt-github" % "0.11.6")

If you use mdoc there's also available an mdoc integration module

If you use sbt-header there's also available an sbt-header integration module

If you want to know more about all the plugin's features, please head on to its website where you will find much more information.

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