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An opinionated wrapper for the RabbitMQ Java client, in Scala.

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

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This tiny lib has only one purpose: simplify the life of the developer when creating a RabbitMQ Channel. The assumptions are:

  • a consumer owns a queue, so it'll need to create a queue and the corresponding binding(s) from one or multiple exchange(s)
  • a producer owns an exchange, so it'll need to create an exchange

This library will give you a few methods to do this, whitout any further boilerplate.


val rabbitConfig = RabbitConfig(
    host = "localhost",
    vhost = "/",
    username = "guest",
    password = "guest"

val consumingChannel = BunnyChannelFactory(rabbitConfig)
        queueName = "q",
        exchangeName = "e",
        routingKey = "k"

val producingChannel = BunnyChannelFactory(rabbitConfig)
        exchangeName = "e",
        exchangeType = "topic"

// your code that use the channels..

For more, take a look at the tests.


The methods that BunnyChannelFactory offers are:

  • forConsumer(queueName: String, exchangeName: String, routingKey: String, args: Map[String, AnyRef] = Map()): Try[Channel], which will create a queue and the binding to the exchanges provided.
  • def forConsumer(queueName: String, bindings: Binding*): Try[Channel], which is like the previous, but with only one exchange.
  • def forProducer(exchangeName: String, exchangeType: String): Try[ConfirmedChannelContainer], which will create a new exchange in which a producer can push messages. The channel which is returned supports publisher confirms.
  • def forProducerUnconfirmed(exchangeName: String, exchangeType: String): Try[UnconfirmedChannelContainer], like the previous without the publisher confirms turned on.
  • other additional two methods forProducerWithQueueBound and forProducerUnconfirmedWithQueueBound, which are like the previous but will also create a binding to a queue. One use case for these two are for supporting error queues.


libraryDependencies += "com.al333z" %% "bunny" % "0.0.4"