akka / akka-projection   1.4.2

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Akka Projections is intended for building systems with the CQRS pattern, and facilitate in event-based service-to-service communication.

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12

Akka Projections

The Akka family of projects is managed by teams at Lightbend with help from the community.

Akka Projections provides an abstraction for consuming a stream of Envelope (where Envelope contains a payload and a trackable offset). This streams can originate from persisted events, Kafka topics, or other Alpakka connectors.

Akka Projections also provides tools to track, restart and distribute these projections.


Akka is licensed under the Business Source License 1.1, please see the Akka License FAQ.

Tests and documentation are under a separate license, see the LICENSE file in each documentation and test root directory for details.