A replicated Akka Persistence journal backed by Apache Cassandra

Cassandra Plugins for Akka Persistence

Replicated Akka Persistence journal and snapshot store backed by Apache Cassandra.

For questions please use the discuss.akka.io or gitter: akka/akka.

Implementation in the master branch is currently 1.0.x release.

Build Status


The current version's documentation is available at https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka-persistence-cassandra/current/.

Snapshot documentation and snapshot artifacts are published for every successful master branch build.

For versions earlier than 1.0.0, check this README.md file for the corresponding release tag.


This Apache Cassandra plugin to Akka Persistence was initiated originally by Martin Krasser, @krasserm in 2014.

It moved to the Akka organisation in 2016 and the first release after that move was 0.7 in January 2016.

Branches and versions

There are three branches of development:

  • 1.0 -> master - current active development and stable 1.0.x patch releases
  • 0.80+ (currently 0.100) -> release-0.x - removed use of Cassandra Materialized Views after they were marked as not to be used in production.
  • 0.50+ (currently 0.62) -> release-0.50- first release under this organisation, previously under krasserm. No planned releases for this version.


Akka Persistence Cassandra is licensed under the Business Source License 1.1, see LICENSE.