akiomik / cats-nio-file   1.10.0

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A thin scala wrapper for Java NIO.2, built on cats-effect 🐱

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12


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A thin scala wrapper for Java NIO.2, built on cats-effect 🐱

Getting started

cats-nio-file is currently available for Scala 2.12, 2.13 and 3.2.

Add the following lines to your build.sbt.

libraryDependencies += "io.github.akiomik" %% "cats-nio-file" % "1.10.0"

NOTE: The groupid has been changed from com.github.akiomik to io.github.akiomik because the maven repository has been changed from bintray to sonatype.

All releases

cats-nio-file supports some different versions of cats-effect.

cats-nio-file version cats-effect version scala version
1.0.1 2.0.x 2.12.x/2.13.x
1.1.0 2.1.x 2.12.x/2.13.x
1.2.0 2.2.x 2.12.x/2.13.x
1.3.0 2.3.x 2.12.x/2.13.x
1.4.0 3.0.x 2.12.x/2.13.x
1.5.0 3.1.x 2.12.x/2.13.x
1.6.1 3.2.x 2.12.x/2.13.x/3.0.x
1.7.0 3.3.x 2.12.x/2.13.x/3.1.x
1.8.1 3.3.x 2.12.x/2.13.x/3.2.x
1.9.0 3.4.x 2.12.x/2.13.x/3.2.x
1.10.0 3.5.x 2.12.x/2.13.x/3.2.x


import java.util.stream.{Stream => JStream}
import java.nio.file.{Path, Paths}
import java.nio.file.attribute.PosixFilePermission
import scala.collection.mutable

import cats.effect.{IO, Resource}
import cats.nio.file.Files

// File I/O operations are wrapped with `F[_]` (e.g. `IO`)
val exists: IO[Boolean] = Files[IO].exists(Paths.get("build.sbt"))

// Java collections are converted to Scala collections through `scala.jdk.CollectionConverters`
val perms: IO[mutable.Set[PosixFilePermission]] = Files[IO].getPosixFilePermissions(Paths.get("build.sbt"))

// `IO[JStream[A]]` values are able to convert to `Resource`
import cats.nio.file.implicits._
val list: Resource[IO, JStream[Path]] = Files[IO].list(Paths.get(".")).resource