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dgraph is a mill build tool plugin (well, not really, mill doesn't have proper plugins yet but it's still pretty easy to use). It analyses project artifact dependencies (like sbt-dependency-graph) and presents them in graphical form.


It shows how your projects relate and which dependencies they are pulling in. Evictions are also shown but can be disabled for a clearer view. You can see sizes of all code and source jars to estimate how big your project is getting and which dependencies are contributing the most.

Clicking on a dependency shows all it's ancestors and descendants

The web page part works offline - artifact resolution may want internet access


Mill is under rapid development and it is unlikely that the API will stabilize for a while, this might mean there are incompatibilities between the mill version you are using and this 'plugin'. I'll try to keep dgraph up to date with the newest mill releases.

To use the plugin you need to add the following to your file.

import $ivy.`com.github.ajrnz::mill-dgraph:0.2.0`

val dgraph = plugin.dgraph 

The first line loads the library and the second brings it into the local scope for easy access.

You can then run the following from inside the mill build REPL where proj is the name of a project (ScalaModule).


This will open a browser window with a tree like the one above.

If you would like to view the dependencies due to an arbitrary set of dependencies try,

dgraph.browseDeps(proj, "")() 

Note: that you still need to supply a reference project. Details like the scala version and repositories are extracted from this project during the resolution process.

The input format for the dependency is fairly lenient. ie all the following are valid:

dgraph.browseDeps(proj, "")() 
dgraph.browseDeps(proj, """ivy""""")() 
dgraph.browseDeps(proj, """"" %% "play" % "2.6.11""""")() 
dgraph.browseDeps(proj, "", "com.typesafe.akka::akka-http:10.0.11")() 

You can also call it from the command line:

mill dgraph.browseDeps proj


mill dgraph.browseDeps proj


  • Currently only looks at runtime dependencies - could look at compile/test
  • Text based lists of dependencies / sizes
  • Suggestions welcome...



  • Update for mill 0.2.0 (thanks to @benjaminfrank)