47degrees / lambdatesttiming   1.3.0


Timing extension for LambdaTest

Scala versions: 2.12


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LambdaTestTiming is an extension to LambdaTest. LambdaTest is a functional testing library for Scala. LambdaTestTiming extends LambdaTest with support for timing execution times.

One of the goals of LambdaTest was to provide a small clean system that can be easily extended to suport new features and to customize it for specific projects. The core API is LambdaAct which is a pure functional transform from one LambdaState to the next LambdaState. A composition of simple and compound LambdaAct's is central to each user written test. LambdaTestTiming is a good example of this extensibility where without any changes to the base system, it adds timing support by defining the new timing LambdaActs.

You should review the features of the base LambdaTest system before reading the documentation below.

Quick Start

Include LambdaTestTiming jars

"com.fortysevendeg" % "lambda-test-timing_2.12" % "1.3.0" % "test"

In your tests include

import com.fortysevendeg.lambdatest._
import com.fortysevendeg.lambdatestatiming._


There are several actions that can be used to time code. Some are assertions that fail if the code runs too long.

See the Timing demo.