2m / citywasp-api   2.0.3


Scala API for Citybee car sharing application

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This is a Scala API for Citybee car sharing application. Currently it is capable of returning the list of all car descriptions and a list of all available cars.


This library is intended to be used as a dependency from other applications. However this repository includes a small runnable application which lists all available cars. You can run it by one of the following:


coursier launch lt.dvim.citywasp::citywasp-cli:latest.version -- \
    -J-Dapp=<app-version> \


Checkout this repository to your computer and then run:

sbtn stage
cli/target/universal/stage/bin/citywasp-cli \
    -Dapp=<app-version> \


The only currently known usage of this library in the wild is the @kabrioletas and @fijatas Twitter bots.