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Welcome to ZIO

ZIO is a zero-dependency Scala library for asynchronous and concurrent programming.

Powered by highly-scalable, non-blocking fibers that never waste or leak resources, ZIO lets you build scalable, resilient, and reactive applications that meet the needs of your business.

  • High-performance. Build scalable applications with 100x the performance of Scala's Future.
  • Type-safe. Use the full power of the Scala compiler to catch bugs at compile time.
  • Concurrent. Easily build concurrent apps without deadlocks, race conditions, or complexity.
  • Asynchronous. Write sequential code that looks the same whether it's asynchronous or synchronous.
  • Resource-safe. Build apps that never leak resources (including threads!), even when they fail.
  • Testable. Inject test services into your app for fast, deterministic, and type-safe testing.
  • Resilient. Build apps that never lose errors, and which respond to failure locally and flexibly.
  • Functional. Rapidly compose solutions to complex problems from simple building blocks.

To learn more about ZIO, see the following references:


Septimal Mind

Septimal Mind sponsors work on ZIO Tracing and continuous maintenance.


SoftwareMill generously provides ZIO with paid-for CircleCI build infrastructure.

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