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A microlibrary for reliable and persistent webhook delivery


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Microlibrary for reliable and persistent webhook delivery.

Getting Started

There are two ways to start a webhook server: as part of the managed construction of its live layer WebhookServer.live, or manually by calling WebhookServer.start. See examples for a list of code examples. The managed approach is recommended as it guarantees the server shuts down gracefully. Make sure to call shutdown on a server created manually. Either way, users will have to implement the following dependencies that are part of WebhookServer's environment:

  • WebhookRepo - to get webhooks and update webhook status;
  • WebhookEventRepo - to subscribe to events and update event status;
  • WebhookHttpClient - to deliver events via HTTP POST (WebhookSttpClient is provided and ready to use);
  • WebhookServerConfig - to specify settings for error hub capacity, retrying, and batching; and
  • SerializePayload - for specifying custom serialization of single and batched event payloads of some content type.

Example Programs


ZIO Webhooks Microsite


Documentation for contributors

Code of Conduct

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