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This library is a Scala reactive DSL for object storage (e.g. S3/Amazon, S3/CEPH, Google Cloud Storage).

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This library is a Scala framework for Object Storage (e.g. S3/Amazon, S3/CEPH, Google Cloud Storage).


The project is using SBT, so to build it from sources the following command can be used.


CircleCI Zen Entrepot

The environment variable PLAY_VERSION can be set to build the play module appropriately.


The operations to manage the buckets are available on the ObjectStorage instance, using BucketRef (bucket remote reference).

See also: Setup



To prepare a new release the following command must be used.

sbt release


To publish a snapshot or a release on Zengularity Entrepot:

  • set the environment variable REPO_PATH; e.g. export REPO_PATH=/path/to/entrepot/snapshots/
  • run the command sbt publish .

Then in Entrepot, the changes must be commited and pushed.