yannmoisan / graphite4s

A library for sending points to graphite.

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A library for sending points to graphite.

Project goals

The aim is to provide a lightweight graphite client.

This library respects referentially transparency and is agnostic of effect type.

Getting started

Add the dependency to your project:

libraryDependencies += "com.yannmoisan" %% "graphite4s" % Version


import java.time.Instant
import cats.effect._

object Example {
  implicit val clock: Clock[IO] = Clock.create[IO]
  val graphite = new BatchGraphite(new JavaTCPClient("localhost", 2003))
  (for {
    now <- clock.realTime(MILLISECONDS)
    req <- graphite.send(GraphitePoint("path", 42.0, Instant.ofEpochMilli(now)))
  } yield req).unsafeRunSync()