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Write Them First!


Approvals-Scala is a lightweight open source assertion/verification library to facilitate unit testing. It alleviates the burden of hand-writing assertions.

Get Approvals-Scala

Approvals-Scala is released on which means you don't need any particular sbt/Maven configuration to retrieve it.


In your build.sbt, add this dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.writethemfirst" % "approvals-scala" % "0.12.0"


In your pom.xml, add this dependency:


Sample project

First, if you'd just want a sample project to see it in action, we have one for you!


This project is completely open to any contributions! (and remember: feedback is a valuable contribution!)

Do not hesitate to:

  1. Submit issues about any feedbacks you may have about the library,
  2. Send us a Pull Request with any contribution you think about,
  3. Have a look at open issues if you want to find a topic to work on,

Before contributing though, please have a look at our Code of Conduct (because we value humans and their differences) and to our Contribution Guide (because we think that a few rules allow to work faster and safer).

Do not hesitate to discuss anything from those documents if you feel they need any modification though.


Our code is released under GNU General Public License v3.0.