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Scala Wechaty is a Conversational SDK for Chatbot Makers Written in Scala

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Wechaty is a Conversatioanl AI RPA SDK for Wechat Individual Accounts that help you create a chatbot in 6 lines of Python.

Voice of the Developers

"Wechaty is a great solution, I believe there would be much more users recognize it." link
— @Gcaufy, Tencent Engineer, Author of WePY

— @xinbenlv, Google Engineer, Founder of HaoShiYou.org

"最好的微信开发库" link
— @Jarvis, Baidu Engineer

"Wechaty让运营人员更多的时间思考如何进行活动策划、留存用户,商业变现" link
— @lijiarui, Founder & CEO of Juzi.BOT.

"If you know js ... try Wechaty, it's easy to use."
— @Urinx Uri Lee, Author of WeixinBot(Python)

See more at Wiki:Voice Of Developer

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Wechaty is used in many ChatBot projects by thousands of developers. If you want to talk with other developers, just scan the following QR Code in WeChat with secret code scala wechaty, join our Wechaty Python Developers' Home.

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The World's Shortest Scala ChatBot: 9 lines of Code

package wechaty

object DingDongBot {
  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
      .onScan(payload     => { println("Scan QR Code to login: %s\nhttps://wechaty.github.io/qrcode/%s\n".format(payload.status, payload.qrcode)) })
      .onLogin(payload    => { println("User %s logined\n".format(payload.id)) })
      .onMessage(message  => { println(message) })

Scala Wechaty Developing Plan

We already have Wechaty in TypeScript, It will be not too hard to translate the TypeScript(TS) to Python(PY) because wechaty has only 3,000 lines of the TS code, they are well designed and de-coupled by the wechaty-puppet abstraction. So after we have translated those 3,000 lines of TypeScript code, we will almost be done.

As we have already a ecosystem of Wechaty in TypeScript, so we will not have to implement everything in Python, especially, in the Feb 2020, we have finished the @chatie/grpc service abstracting module with the wechaty-puppet-hostie implmentation.

The following diagram shows out that we can reuse almost everything in TypeScript, and what we need to do is only the block located at the top right of the diagram: Wechaty (Scala).

  +--------------------------+ +--------------------------+
  |                          | |                          |
  |   Wechaty (TypeScript)   | |    Wechaty (Scala)       |
  |                          | |                          |
  +--------------------------+ +--------------------------+

  |                 Wechaty Puppet Hostie                 |
  |                                                       |
  |                (wechaty-puppet-hostie)                |

+---------------------  @chatie/grpc  ----------------------+

  |                Wechaty Puppet Abstract                |
  |                                                       |
  |                   (wechaty-puppet)                    |

  +--------------------------+ +--------------------------+
  |      Pad Protocol        | |      Web Protocol        |
  |                          | |                          |
  | wechaty-puppet-padplus   | |(wechaty-puppet-puppeteer)|
  +--------------------------+ +--------------------------+
  +--------------------------+ +--------------------------+
  |    Windows Protocol      | |       Mac Protocol       |
  |                          | |                          |
  | (wechaty-puppet-windows) | | (wechaty-puppet-macpro)  |
  +--------------------------+ +--------------------------+

Example: How to Translate TypeScript to Scala

There's a 100 lines class named Image in charge of downloading the WeChat image to different sizes.

It is a great example for demonstrating how do we translate the TypeScript to Scala in Wechaty Way:

Image Class Source Code

If you are interested in the translation and want to look at how it works, it will be a good start from reading and comparing those two Image class files in TypeScript and Scala at the same time.

To-do List

  • TS: TypeScript
  • SLOC: Source Lines Of Code

Wechaty Internal Modules

  1. Class Wechaty @wj-mCat
  2. Class Contact
  3. Class ContactSelf
  4. Class Message
  5. Class Room
  6. Class Image @wj-mCat
  7. Class Accessory @huan
  8. Class Config @wj-mCat
  9. Class Favorite
  10. Class Friendship
  11. Class MiniProgram
  12. Class RoomInvitation
  13. Class Tag
  14. Class UrlLink

Wechaty External Modules

  1. Class FileBox
  2. Class MemoryCard
  3. Class WechatyPuppet
  4. Class WechatyPuppetHostie


Scala Wechaty Getting Started

Scala Wechaty is very easy to use!


  1. Scala 2.13+


git clone git@github.com:wechaty/scala-wechaty.git

export WECHATY_PUPPET_HOSTIE_TOKEN=your_token_here
make bot



v0.4 (Jun 19, 2020)

Scala Wechaty BETA Released

Read more from our Multi-language Wechaty Beta Release event from our blog:

v0.0.1 (Jun 3, 2020)

Thanks for our community contributor @jcai Jun Tsai, who is a very experienced Scala developer, start from scratch three days ago (Jun 1) and finished the first version for ding-dong-bot.scala on two days ago, which only last 1 days for all the translation tasks!

One day

Only one day! This is the fastest record in the world for translating the TypeScript Wechaty to Multi-language Wechaty, Scala in this case. Cheers!

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Wechaty in Scala

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@jcai Jun Tsai jcai@ganshane.com

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