viajobien / busy

A minimal Service Bus for Rest Json API's

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Notes about current release

The current release is 0.2.0.
It is not fully tested, so, there is no guarantees it is working properly.

What is "busy" about?

A time ago, at, as was expected, the number of applications and services started to grow. So, to reuse this services, we choose to use an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and we implemented our own.
Why not to use something like Mule ESB, WSO2 ESB or Apache ServiceMix? There are three reasons. First, we wanted to learn about integrations; second, we didn't need complex data adapters/transformers, the majority of the services were ours and for those that not, we already had some application to adapt the data; third, and not less important, for existing solutions, is very difficult to add new routes or services to the BUS (a new deploy or use OSGi, and it is a pain... you know).

Resuming what is this project about, it's a helper to create a service bus based on an application running Play! Framework and Scala.


For documentation you can see the wiki and our example.

Quick Start

It's required to have knowledge on Scala, Play! Framework and sbt.

Create a new sbt project with Play+Scala and add the following dependency on your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "com.viajobien" %% "busy" % "0.2.0"