udashframework / udash-rpc [DEPRECATED]

Deprecated - code moved into udash-core.

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The RPC client-server communication system for the Udash framework.

The Udash project tries to make frontend applications as type safe as possible. Thanks to the ScalaJS cross-compilation system, it is possible to share the code between the client and server applications. Udash RPC uses this feature to share:

  • RPC interfaces with typed arguments and returned value.
  • Data models, which can be used in RPC communication.
  • Model validators, which can be used both in frontend and backend.

Udash RPC also provides a server for client communication that works out of the box. You only have to create the RPC interface and implement it - that is all, you do not have to worry about connection handling.

Read more in the Udash Developer's Guide.

Ping-pong example

The implementation is really simple. In the server RPC interface, add the ping method and implement this method in server code. Then you can call it from the client code.

import io.udash.rpc._

/** Shared RPC interface. */
trait PingPongServerRPC {
  def ping(id: Int): Future[Int]

/** Server-side implementation. */
class PingPongEndpoint extends PingPongServerRPC {
  override def ping(id: Int): Future[Int] = {

/** Client-side call. */
serverRpc.ping(123) onComplete {
  case Success(response) => println(s"Pong($response)")
  case Failure(ex) => println(s"PongError($ex)")

Find more examples in the Udash Demos repository.