tupol / scala-utils

Basic tools and utilities for Scala projects


Scala Utils


This project contains some basic utilities that can help setting up a Scala project.

The main utilities available:


  • Java 6 or higher
  • Scala 2.11,or 2.12

Getting Scala Utils

Scala Utils is published to Sonatype OSS and Maven Central:

  • Group id / organization: org.tupol
  • Artifact id / name: scala-utils
  • Latest version is 0.2.0

Usage with SBT, adding a dependency to the latest version of Scala Logging to your sbt build definition file:

libraryDependencies += "org.tupol" %% "scala-utils" % "0.2.0"


Some usage examples can be found under src/test/scala/examples.

What's new?


  • Configurators can also be used as Extractors
  • Added support for complex Map and Seq configuration types
  • Added extractor for Either objects
  • Added extractors for time related properties: Duration, Timestamp, Date, LocalDateTime and LocalDate


  • Configurators framework
  • byteable to convert various data types into array of bytes
  • utils with various utilities for Maps, Products and Trys

Credits & Thanks


This code is open source software licensed under the MIT License.